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Champotón is a small city in the Mexican state of Campeche, located at 19.35° N 90.72° W, about 60 km south of the city of Campeche where the small Champotón river meets the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. At the 2005 census it had a population of 27,235, the third-largest community in the state (behind Campeche and Ciudad del Carmen, and just barely ahead of Escárcega).
Champotón, historically also called Chakanputun and Chanputun, was a city of the Maya civilization dating back to at least the 10th century before it was conquered by Spain in the 16th century. There the famous battle "Mala Pelea" occurred. In the first Spanish exploration (1517) they were defeated by the mayas.
Champotón is also a municipality within the state of Campeche, including the city of Champotón and the surrounding area. In 2005 the municipality of Champotón had a population of 76,116 inhabitants. It has an areal extent of 6,088.28 km² (2,350.7 sq mi) and includes the significant community of Seybaplaya.
Champoton is situated 65 km from Campeche City in the State of Campeche by the Federal Highway 180 in Mexico.
In 1517, the spanish troops lead by Francisco Hernandez de Cordova reached the village of Ah-Kim-Pech to replenish their water supply, after a 4 days storm they were able to disembark at Champoton where they were attached by the Mayan troops led by Moch Couoh. The Mayan victory over the Spaniards became a fact, and ever since the battleground in Champoton where this took place its called the "bay of the bad fight".
Champoton's actual economy is fishing and also the logging and lumber industry, the extraction of gum and cultivation of coconut, sugar cane, avocado, corn and bean.
In Champoton you can visit the Caves of Monte Bravo, located 50 km south of the City by federal highway 261, where you can admire rocks forming interesting figures.
In Champoton and its surroundings you will be able to find a lot of seafood restaurants called "coctelerias". These restaurants are usually located by the beach, so it gives you the chance to enjoy the sea breeze and sun while enjoying a delicious fresh fish cocktail or any seafood..
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El municipio de Champotón limita al norte con los municipios de Campeche y Hopelchén y al oeste con el municipio del Carmeny el Golfo de México.
Al municipio de Champotón corresponden:
La sección municipal de Hool.
La sección municipal de Seybaplaya.
La sección municipal de Carrillo Puerto.
La sección municipal de Sihochac.
Las poblaciones, ejidos, congregaciones, rancherias y heredades que constituyen la circunscripión jurisd,iccional de la cabecera y secciones municipales.
Su población es de 80,224 habitantes. Su clima es calido-humedo, siendo su temperatura de 26 grados centígrados aproximadamente.
La ciudad de Champotón que en épocas remotas también se llamó Potonchán, es conocida en la historia con el nombre de: Bahía de la Mala Pelea, por ser el lugar donde los nativos comandados por el cacique Moch Couoh, derrotaron al que inclusive hirieron, en defensa de su territorio.