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Lorena Herrera de la Vega (born February 18, 1967), better known as Lorena Herrera, is a famous Mexican actress. She is a native of Mazatlan, a coastal city in the state of Sinaloa.
As a little girl, Lorena moved with her family to Mexico City, where she began a career as a fashion model. She was a highly successful model in Mexico, and she gained international fame as a model, posing for ads in Mexico and South America. Despite this, few among the general public knew her name. As a model, she won the "Look of the Year" contest, awarded in Mexico.
Lorena then began working in Mexican movies. She has been involved in more than fifty movies since she began her career as an actress.
Lorena Herrera then met producer Emilio Larrosa, who had Televisa connections. Larrosa gave her a chance to star in his telenovela "Muchachitas" ("Young Girls"), which was a huge hit across Latin America.
Dos Mujeres, un Camino
Soon after, Lorena Herrera was hired to participate in the mega-hit soap opera, "Dos Mujeres, un Camino", where she played the mistress of a villain. Although her participation in that soap opera was relatively short (she joined the drama after about half of the chapters had been filmed, and her character was killed off before the ending of the opera), she caused a wide sensation, becoming a sex symbol across Mexico and all over Latin America.
Lorena Herrera has since acted in many other important "telenovelas", including "El Premio Mayor". She is also a singer, having released various Mexican music CD's and toured Mexico and the United States. Lorena Herrera has been offered money by Playboy Mexico to pose nude for that magazine, and she has released various calendars in which she assumed sensual poses.
Lorena Herrera has been a scandalous person since she became famous. Some of her most well known scandals have included rumors of her actually being a transsexual and others about linking her romantically with different men.
On the Univision show, "El Gordo y la Flaca", Lorena shared a bathtub with "El Gordo", Raul De Molina.
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